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WAY Returns to Clio Area School District
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It may not be finished just yet, but John Scott Roark, director of the Clio Community Education Building, already sees the possibilities inside one of the classrooms at the Clio Community Education Building.

It"s the future location of the district"s WAY program. WAY stands for "widening advancements for youth".

"It"s an online or blended learning program, it"s a project-based program," said Clio Superintendent Fletcher Spears III.

"You"re sitting down and you"re making projects, cross-curricular through a lot of different core subjects to gain high school credit," Roark said.

For example, completing a project related to auto mechanics could lead to credits in math and science. It"s a second chance for teens who don"t learn traditionally to get their diploma, with little to no time in a classroom.

"The program can range from 100 percent online to a blended amount of one, two, three days in the lab. We develop the program to meet the individual needs of that student," Spears said.

It"s also a second chance for WAY in Clio.

Just a few years ago, around 240 students were enrolled in a previous version, but Spears says the last super shut down the program. After working with WAY to open up nearly a dozen locations in Michigan, Spears is bringing it back to Clio.

With an orientation next week, the first step is getting more students signed up. Right now, the district is targeting those from the surrounding counties who have dropped out.

"It gives kids the opportunity to finish when they didn"t think there was a finish line," Roark said.

"The program is not for everyone. Traditional school is not for everyone, either," Spears said.

Clio is the only district in the immediate area to have the WAY program, although there is WAY Academy in Flint.

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