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E-learning Takes Center Stage: Governors, State and Local Superintendents Should Take Advantage

Education Views recently caught up with Beth Baker, Co-founder and Executive Director along with her co-partner Glen Taylor, both from Michigan who have been engaged with cutting edge educational models for over a decade creating WAY Online, WAY Academy, and WAY American Schools. WAY partners with local schools, parents and teachers and offer a robust, internationally accredited, project-based curriculum on their innovative cloud-based platform.

A Message from WAY Executive Director, Rich Klemm

"This week the Michigan Department of Education issued guidance on how to successfully transition to online learning. Fortunately for the WAY Program, this transition has already been made", says Rich Klemm. "All the considerations outlined in the guidance are a part of our model. We pride ourselves at the WAY Program in being able to provide a quality educational experience to our students regardless of what may be going on in the world. Our primary goal is to be an adaptable option to our partnering districts while maintaining fidelity to our mission."

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