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E-learning Takes Center Stage: Governors, State and Local Superintendents Should Take Advantage

Education Views recently caught up with Beth Baker, Co-founder and Executive Director along with her co-partner Glen Taylor, both from Michigan who have been engaged with cutting edge educational models for over a decade creating WAY Online, WAY Academy, and WAY American Schools. WAY partners with local schools, parents and teachers and offer a robust, internationally accredited, project-based curriculum on their innovative cloud-based platform.

A Message from WAY Executive Director, Rich Klemm

"This week the Michigan Department of Education issued guidance on how to successfully transition to online learning. Fortunately for the WAY Program, this transition has already been made", says Rich Klemm. "All the considerations outlined in the guidance are a part of our model. We pride ourselves at the WAY Program in being able to provide a quality educational experience to our students regardless of what may be going on in the world. Our primary goal is to be an adaptable option to our partnering districts while maintaining fidelity to our mission."

Read the full message inside.

First page of the PDF file: SStoptheSpreadofGermsCOVID-19-stop-the-spread-of-germs

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has released an infographic with important steps to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Ou can read the information below or access the infographics in Spanish and in English at the end of this article.

Glen Taylor, co-founder of WAY, receives Upton Sinclair Award

Glen Taylor, co-founder of WAY Program, WAY American School and Centric Learning, received the Upton Sinclair Award.

The award acknowledges individuals who have made great contributions to education. "This year we are proud to recognize and acknowledge a number of scholars, writers, theoreticians and other researchers who have contributed to the field of education", wrote Michael F Shaughnessy, Senior Columnist of EducationViews. "Every year, we pause at this time to reflect on certain individuals who, like Upton Sinclair, have made an impact on either education or their chosen field of endeavor."

Superintendent of the WAY Academies talks about veto of per-pupil funding increase

The Superintendent of the WAY Academies, Madeline Black, made a speech yesterday during a press conference organized to express the unhappiness about Governor Gretchen Whitmer veto of the $240 increase in per-pupil funding for charter schools. "That fact is 50% of these students reside in the cities of Flint and Detroit, and these communities struggle with high levels of poverty", she said.

Beth Baker is elected Crain's 2019 Notable Woman in Education Leadership

Beth Baker, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the WAY Program and Centric Learning Systems, was elected Crain's 2019 Notable Woman in Education Leadership. The nominees were selected by a team of Crain’s Detroit Business editors based on their career accomplishments, track record of success in the field, contributions to their community and mentorship of others.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education: Are We Prepared?

AI/Artificial Intelligence is coming to your school and campus soon, if not already. Are you ready for this technological change? We may not know the specifics today of how AI will change our future. But we DO know it will be significant. There is still time to prepare our schools, colleges, and universities for the inevitable changes that AI will bring.