Centric Learning elected Top Distance and Remote Learning Solution Provider

Centric Learning elected Top Distance and Remote Learning Solution Provider

Centric Learning, founded by Glen Taylor and Beth Baker and developer of HERO Learning System, has been elected Top Distance and Remote Learning Solution Provider by Education Technology Insights.

Through HERO, Centric Learning has built a growing WAY network of more than 60 school partners across the U.S. Under the WAY American School brand, England, China and Brazil offer international students an accredited American High School diploma on four continents, enabling graduates easier access to American higher education institutions.

“Beth and I started out asking ourselves a basic question: How we engage students? As a parent, I was thinking about our ideas and assumptions as they relate to my own family. Kids keep you honest, if you just listen to them,” mentions Taylor, the co-CEO of Centric Learning. “My wife and I are passionate about our kids receiving a quality education. We’ve had our kids in both public and private schools, but didn’t feel like everything online and in the classroom was particularly well integrated. That’s at the center of everything we do. We leverage technology to create great tools for teachers and students. But it’s really about creating energy and excitement in learning, and also making it affordable for everyone.”

“We determined early on that we wanted to support teachers by making it intuitive to adapt our curriculum in a variety of online, hybrid and face to face settings. For us, this approach aligns well with students. They get excited and curious as their interests are guided by driving questions. Working with their teachers, students engage in a wide variety of activities to complete projects that demonstrate their proficiency across subjects. Students don’t thrive in front of a computer all day. They need variety, which builds excitement for learning, and engages kids more naturally,” Taylor explains.

“At the end of the day, schools continue working with us because they trust us. They see better outcomes with their students. Ultimately, that’s how we help make heroes out of teachers and students,” Taylor concludes.

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