Glen Taylor, co-founder of WAY, receives Upton Sinclair Award

Glen Taylor, co-founder of WAY, receives Upton Sinclair Award

Glen Taylor, co-founder of WAY Program, WAY American School and Centric Learning, received the Upton Sinclair Award.

The award acknowledges individuals who have made great contributions to education. "This year we are proud to recognize and acknowledge a number of scholars, writers, theoreticians and other researchers who have contributed to the field of education", wrote Michael F Shaughnessy, Senior Columnist of EducationViews. "Every year, we pause at this time to reflect on certain individuals who, like Upton Sinclair, have made an impact on either education or their chosen field of endeavor."

About Glen's work in education, they wrote:

Glen Taylor is the CEO & Co-Founder of WAY American School. WAY American School is a creative and innovative educational system of learning that helps make every child a hero. It prepares youth for their future and not our past with a dynamic project based learning platform.

Before he co-founded WAY American School, Glen was a teacher, principal, athletic directly, and Executive Director of Innovation, State, and Federal Programs. Quite honestly, he is one of the most dynamic educators I met while serving as Michigan’s state superintendent of schools from 2001 – 2005.

I could list all his educational credentials and accolades he has received in his young career but they are tiny when juxtaposed to the integrity, human decency, and commitment he brings to his daily routine. The highest compliment I pay to anyone is to say they are a good person. Glen Taylor is a good man.

When many local schools were making excuses why they could not accept free teachers from China to teach in their district, Glen embraced the idea and saw it as an opportunity to enhance teaching and learning for his educationally starved students in a working class neighborhood. In the early days of blended and e-learning when some were talking about the educational possibilities, Glen developed an e-learning platform that enabled hundreds of former dropouts to drop back in and complete their high school diploma.

When he saw traditional school districts kicking students out of school in underserved communities, he created charter schools to meet their social, emotional, and educational needs. He also partners with traditional public and private schools to enhance their educational opportunities for many forgotten young people, giving them hope and opportunity.

Glen has also partnered with schools, teachers, and students internationally in Brazil, China, and the United Kingdom. He is constantly looking for ways to prepare students for their future in a hyper-competitive, disruptive, and technologically-driven global economy where ideas and jobs can and do move around the world effortlessly.

Mr. Taylor has been recognized nationally and internationally for his leadership in servicing teens in Michigan. He is a member of the Consensus for Change Think Tank, which is comprised of legislative, educational, and business leaders from around the state of Michigan. He regularly presents at regional, national and international conferences. He hosts various professional groups comprised of teachers, administrators, and regional consultants about new educational innovations.

Mr. Taylor has actively served as a member of the State Executive Board Committee for the Michigan Association of State and Federal Program Specialists since 2004. He has also chaired the District Vision Committee responsible for district strategic planning.

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