AdvancEd Renews WAY's Accreditation

WAY received an above average score in earning a recommendation for AdvancEd accreditation for another five years. A four-member review team from AdvancEd visited 5 WAY schools and interviewed 99 WAY students, staff, and parents in their week long visit.

WAY, which undergoes accreditation review every five years, received a score of 318.7 which was well above the average score of 278.94 for all school systems evaluated by AdvancED during the prior year, the AdvancEd exit report stated.

Here what AdvancEd said about WAY:

"The [AdvancEd] team found numerous aspects of best practices in the observed classroom. It was evident that teachers built strong relationship with their students and the lessons were truly student-centered."

"In the course of [AdvancEd] interviews with mentors, team leaders, experts, students, and parents, is clear that WAY staff knows students well and advocates for their learning and growth."

"During [AdvancEd] interviews, parents and other stakeholders shared that they have overwhelming pride in the school and that 'students are learning based on their own interest in such a wonderful, supportive setting.'"

"WAY has an outstanding teaching staff across the state of Michigan, in Georgia and in Brazil."

"[WAY] learning supports for students and families go 'above and beyond' to provide for foundational needs of students that result in readiness and ability to learn."